Rapid & Visual System Design/Modeling Platform

About FlyCarpet

Flycarpet, the software platform for rapid & visual system design/optimization, is created from deep rethink. Instead of one program for one system, it builds one platform for all systems. The mechanism is to put all system part models into library/packages, the platform just picks up models and connects them to assemble any system you need in a time of seconds.

With multidisciplinary libraries/packages, FlyCarpet can be used for many fields such as fluid, fluid power, mechanics, hydraulics, aeronautics, astronautics etc.

By assembling component models from multidisciplinary libraries, FlyCarpet can build almost unlimited different system models. System modeling and analysis are quick and easy that help users focus on solving their most concerned problems without wasting time on detailed modeling process.

FlyCarpet is 1-D system simulation tool, the system model is a component network for system level analysis.

As an example, an air conditioning system includes typical components such as compressor, condenser, evaporator, thermal expansion valve and fan etc. these component models have been developed and encapsulated in a package. Then FlyCarpet picks these models to build all kinds of air conditioning systems needed for design or optimization.

FlyCarpet also can be used to design or optimize a part model.


For dynamic system, FlyCarpet can be used for dynamic system simulation, real time/interactive simulation and dynamic system parameter optimization.

For static system, FlyCarpet can be used for system design, simulation, system optimization, and variable parameter value performance calculation.

A video for how to use FlyCarpet and calculate ducting network:

14 min 11 sec, Please select HD Quality

A FlyCarpet package is a collection of components. A FlyCarpet project can include multiple same state components.

  • Math

    General state, mathematical and logical functions.

  • General

    Dynamic state, general components for dynamic simulation.

  • Interactive

    Dynamic state, interactive components for dynamic simulation.

  • DuctNet

    Static state, duct network calculation.

  • Refrigeration

    Static state, refrigeration system design and optimization.

  • ECSOptim

    Static state, airplane Environmental Control System(ECS, or A/C system) design and optimization.

  • HXFinPlate

    Static state, Fin-Plate style heat exchangers design and simulation.

  • VacuumDesign

    Static state, steam eject steel furnace vacuum pump design and optimization.

Package developing tools

These tools are used to reduce developing time for package and its components so that developers can focus on the core component logic design.

  • FCPBuilder

    A fast package and components c++ code generating tool based on inputs, outputs settings and logic processing code.

  • MetaBuilder

    A specific metafile builder for FlyCarpet component.