Rapid & Visual System Design/Modeling Platform

Static system optimization

Sample: Optimization for airplane A/C (ECS) system --3 Wheel High pressure dewaterer air cycle system

Air cycle machine is simple, light weight, easy to maintance, and so it is the most used A/C system in plane. Because this kind of system use pressurized air from engine, and RAM air from outside of plane, also the system has weight, this all will decrease plane performance. By optimizing, the system can get the required performance with minimal influence to plane.

When system works, there are many kind of influence to plane, so the system optimization object has many kind, this will make it impossible for optimization. But all the influence type can be converted to one kind, such as total plane weight, or fuel weight. For example the fuel weight, engine bleed air will cause lower thrust, lower plane speed, lower voyage range, all this can be treated as caused by extra fuel weight; Ram air cause fly resistance increased, this also can be treated as caused by extra fuel weight.

By this way we can optimize the air plane A/C system by converting calculation model.

Select "Open" from menu or on toolbar, select software install directory\samples\ECS-HiPress.ssmodel, this model has been created, open as follow window:

Select "Static system optimization" from menu or on toolbar, the calculation is finished soon and result text out window is as follow:

Optimization configuration use default, click "Quantity" tab, select parameters needed to be optimized:

Then click "Constrains" tab, select parameters needed to be constrains, which are used to control the optimization requirement, see follow window:

After optimizing parameters or constrains parameter added, click "Input/Result" button to input data range.

Press OK at the bottom of the window, the optimization inspect window appears and the optimizing process begin to run:

When optimizing finished, the button text changes, press "Show result" button to see the result:

Note this result is not always the optimal one, we need to run optimizing several times and change some inputs to check this.


A FlyCarpet package is a collection of components. A FlyCarpet project can include multiple same state components.

  • Math

    General state, mathematical and logical functions.

  • General

    Dynamic state, general components for dynamic simulation.

  • Interactive

    Dynamic state, interactive components for dynamic simulation.

  • DuctNet

    Static state, duct network calculation.

  • Refrigeration

    Static state, refrigeration system design and optimization.

  • ECSOptim

    Static state, airplane Environmental Control System(ECS, or A/C system) design and optimization.

  • HXFinPlate

    Static state, Fin-Plate style heat exchangers design and simulation.

  • VacuumDesign

    Static state, steam eject steel furnace vacuum pump design and optimization.

Package developing tools

These tools are used to reduce developing time for package and its components so that developers can focus on the core component logic design.

  • FCPBuilder

    A fast package and components c++ code generating tool based on inputs, outputs settings and logic processing code.

  • MetaBuilder

    A specific metafile builder for FlyCarpet component.