FlyCarpet INC

Flycarpet Inc focuses on innovation in industial system design software, novel high speed/quiet compressor research & development, and other projects with revolution potential in the field of energy and propulsion system.

Here are some projects from FlyCarpet Inc.

1. Flycarpet, the software platform for rapid & visual system design/optimization, is created from deep rethink. Instead of one program for one system, it makes one platform program for all systems. The mechanism is to put all system part models into library/packages, the platform just picks up models and connects them to form any system you need in a time counted by seconds.

2. The orbiting/translating rotor compressor. With multiple lobes around the rotor and chamber, and forms compression chamber, the novel structure runs smoothly at high speed and the centrifugal force can be fully balanced. The new innovation also includes a radial compliance design that can balance the fluid force from any given radial direction, and a design that can balance the fluid torque to the rotor, this ensures the minimum leakage and friction loss.