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Static system design/simulation calculatio

Static system simulation

Static system simulation is used to find system static characteristic when system component performance is known.

Static system design

Static system design is the reversed process of static system simulation. In this situation, the system performance is known or is required, the calculation is processed to find the component size or parameters for selecting.

By using static component design model or design state model, the component and the system design is completed at the same time.

Static system simulation sample: Duct simulation without considering interplay between local resistance.

Select "Open" from menu or on toolbar, select software install directory\samples\ductnet.ssmodel, this model has been created, open as follow window:

This duct network can be treat as end of room air distribution. In this project, the input parameter is air duct outlet pressure, the output data is system inlet pressure. So back pressure of orifice at duct end can be inputed as room pressure.

Select static calculation from menu of on toolbar, the calculation is finished soon and the following result window pops up:

The results include data of input and port. Click here to open。

Static system design sample: Single stage refrigeration system design

Select "Open" from menu or on toolbar, select software install directory\samples\Ref1_5.ssmodel, this model has been created, open as follow window:

In this system, the cooling air parameter of condenser is inputed, the component AirOutlet after FanDesign is used to calculate fan air discharge loss. When pressure in the fan ducting is balanced, the calculated fan pressure difference is the real fan pressure head; FanDesign is design state component which is used to select fan; The needed fan can be selected by its flow and pressure head.

The ventilating fan component also use FanDesign for fan selecting, which pressure calculating is as same as condenser fan.

EvaporatorDesign component model will calculate the condensed water quantity of cooled air; WaterSeparator model is used to evaluate air parameters after removing free water.

CondenserDesign and EvaporatorDesign is for design, the pressure or phase change temperature is inputed, so the pressure at each refrigerant circuit node is known. After system iteration balanced, the calculated size of the two component can be used for producing. The CompressorDesign is design state component, which calculation result is used for compressor selecting.

As system design, we need to check final result. If the component size is not suitable for producing, we can change data inputs to regulate.

All component input data is included in calculation result, please open it at the end of this page.

Select "Static calculation" from menu or on toolbar, the calculation is finished soon and result text out window is as follow:

The results include component input data and each component port data, click here to open.


A FlyCarpet package is a collection of components. A FlyCarpet project can include multiple same state components.

  • Math

    General state, mathematical and logical functions.

  • General

    Dynamic state, general components for dynamic simulation.

  • Interactive

    Dynamic state, interactive components for dynamic simulation.

  • DuctNet

    Static state, duct network calculation.

  • Refrigeration

    Static state, refrigeration system design and optimization.

  • ECSOptim

    Static state, airplane Environmental Control System(ECS, or A/C system) design and optimization.

  • HXFinPlate

    Static state, Fin-Plate style heat exchangers design and simulation.

  • VacuumDesign

    Static state, steam eject steel furnace vacuum pump design and optimization.

Package developing tools

These tools are used to reduce developing time for package and its components so that developers can focus on the core component logic design.

  • FCPBuilder

    A fast package and components c++ code generating tool based on inputs, outputs settings and logic processing code.

  • MetaBuilder

    A specific metafile builder for FlyCarpet component.